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About Us

The changing lifestyle of people and food habits coupled with a rising appetite for healthy food is creating higher demand for processed fish in the urban areas.  This, in turn, is creating a way for various players to invest and increase the accessibility of processed products for consumers. Over the medium-to-long term, fish production in India will improve largely on account of increase in overall aquaculture production.
The Indian fish market is expected to reach a volume of 26.6 Million Metric Tons by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of around 9% during 2021-2026. India’s buoyant seafood industry has emerged as the largest group in agricultural exports of the country. With a series of government initiatives and policy support, The Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA), forecasts that India will achieve an export target of USD 10 billion by 2022. Timaeus Pescado with its young and energetic team and world class facilities is ready to reach this advantage to its wide range of clientele.
India is the second biggest aquaculture and fish producer Globally. The country is the fourth biggest seafood exporter in the world. The country holds a huge potential for seafood with a long coastline spanning about 8,129 km. Timeaeus Pescado with its innovation and expertise in the segment specialize in supplying fresh, frozen, flavoured and processed IQF seafood products which are handled in world class facilities using top-notch technology. We strive to go the extra mile to ensure unsurpassed quality, timely delivery and exceptional customer service.
Timaeus Pescado focuses on three category of supplies at present though it has further plans. It primarily caters to the bulk retail supplies, Star category restaurants, boutique fast food chains and gourmet kitchens and direct consumers.


To be the most reliable, efficient and effortless source of a variety of sea foods for different category of end consumers.


To be a company of choice in Sea food.


To be the most reliable and popular Frozen Sea food producer/supplier for the people with a discerning taste.
To be easily accessible to all our consumers.
To maintain a minimum standard of all our products.
To be a new age company.
To be a digitally enabled company.
To have a robust distribution channel.